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Here are ten reasons I am continually glad we choose Robert Nelson Construction to build our current home.

First, every time I see a garage or driveway being poured without a single stick of re-bar I am glad ours has re-bar. It may cost more but less than replacing the driveway when it starts to breaks up.

Second, I framed my own basement and found that the floor was within 1/4" all the way around, What a joy to frame without measuring every single stud and trying to fit a wavy floor.

Third, the windows were installed with extra sealant in the corners that I have never see used by another builder. This makes me confident that my windows will never leak.

Forth, I have seen some homes framed with 2x4 exterior walls. Really! In Utah’s harsh winters that’s crazy. Robert Nelson uses 2x6 in all their outside walls.

Fifth, my stair stingers are made from Laminated Beams of which I have never seen before. They are perfectly quiet and will never squeak.

Sixth, Robert Nelson Construction allowed me to do some of the work myself. While most homeowners may not want to provide sweat equity, it was nice option for me.

Seventh, we met with the finance officer every month and went through all the bills from all the vendors. We were given a copy of every single bill from the sub contractors and no percentages were ever tacked on by the Robert Nelson Construction.

Eighth, was the ideas provided by the supervisor to improve our home. We had an entryway that was OK but Matt suggested a couple of changes that we implemented. Now our entry is a feature of our home.

Ninth, they never missed a construction deadline. All the subcontractors who work with Robert Nelson Construction delivered on the day they agreed to come. When Matt said the flooring would be finished by Friday, it was finished!

Tenth, while some builders cut corners so they can cut cost, I rest easy knowing there are no cut corners in my house.

Paul & Joni Cheney - Salem, Ut

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